Tests on Weldments

Tests We Cover

Tensile Tests as per ASME Section IX, EN ISO 15614, and more.
Weld Penetration as per ASME Section - II, Part-C, SFA-5.20.
Macro Examination on Weld (Crack Fusion, Porosity & Weld Penetration with photograph).
Microstructure Analysis up to 1000 X with Photomicrographs.
In Situ Microstructure using Portable Microscopes.
Macro and Weld Penetration using Stereo.
Impact Tests on weld and parent metal.
Welder Qualification (WQR) tests.
All Weld Tensile.
Through Thickness Tensile.
Weld Penetration as per ASME Section IX for Fillet weld.
Weld Penetration as per American welding Society (AWS D1.1 Section).
Various other Weld Qualifications Test As per ASME Section IX, IS 2825, ISO 15614, EN1321.
Weld Penetration as per EN ISO 15614/1 (EN1321:1996).
Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) Tests.
Hardness Tests and Hardness Surveys .
Weldability Test (Fracture & Micro).
Electrode Qualification Test.
Microscopes (up to 50X).
AWS 1.1, BS 5500, IBR, DIN, etc.