Electrical Testing

ELCA now offers services for Electrical Testing for various types of electrical items like cables, electrical accessories, enclosures, insulation materials, cable glands, etc.

Testing for Explosion Protected Equipment and Equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and hazardous (Classified) locations – ATEX and IECEx as per IEC, EN , BIS, etc.

Tests on Cables Tests on Insulation and Sheath
Tensile Tests.
Elongation at Break, Ageing Tests.
Hot Set Test.
Water Absorption.
Volume Resistivity.
Loss of Mass Test.
Heat Shock Tests.
High Voltage Test.
Insulation Resistance Test.
Flammability Test.
Resistivity Test.
Cross Sectional Area.
Annealing Test.
Purity Tests.
Conductivity Tests.
Tests on Core Conductors
Conductivity Tests.
Cable Retention Test.
Cable Anchorage Pull Test.
Cable Anchorage Twist Test.
Impact Test.
Tests on Conductors
Resistivity Test.
Conductivity (IACS) Test.
Purity Test.
Mechanical Strength Tests.
ASTM G49 (Direct Tension Stress-Corrosion Test Specimens).
Tests on Cable Glands
Torque Test.
Ingress Protection Test.
Electrical Continuity Test.
Insulation Resistance Test.
Cable Pull Tests.
Thermal Endurance Tests.
Sealing Tests.
Pressure Tests.