Chemical Analysis

In the alchemy of metallurgy, chemical testing emerges as the sorcerer's tool, deftly unraveling elemental secrets, deciphering the fortitude against corrosion, and ensuring the alchemical harmony of alloys.

With the use of high-cost sophisticated spectrometers of Optical Emission, Glow Discharge, X-Ray Fluorescence, UV-Visible, Atomic Absorption, Gas Chromatographs, & Inductively Coupled Plasma Type, and a full fledged Wet Analysis Laboratory, ELCA can cater to your needs of elemental analysis from ppb level to 100%, all under one roof. High precision and accuracy is ensured by use of International Certified Reference Materials.

Elemental Analysis by Spectrometry and by Wet Analysis
Ferrous materials like Steels, Cast Iron, etc.
Titanium Alloys
Copper Alloys
Aluminum Alloys
Cobalt Alloys
Special Purpose Alloys (Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Stellite Nichrome)
Lead, Tin, Silver, Zinc, Magnesium, Alloys, etc.
Elemental Analysis by
x-ray fluorescence spectrometry
RoHS Screening
Coating Thickness
Minerals and Ores
Purity of Metals
Non-Destructive and Quick Grade Identification
Positive Material Identification Tests ( PMI )
PMI using ED-XRF Portable Spectrometer (Analysis without Carbon)
PMI Using Spark Emission Portable Spectrometer (Analysis with Carbon)
Phthalates by ICP, UV-Vis, GCMS, AAS, OES
RoHS Screening and Verification
Screening for Pb, Hg, Cd, Total Br and Total Cr by XRF
Verification tests for Pb, Hg, Cd, PBB, PBDE, CR+6
Special Tests
Analysis of Gases in Metals (Oxygen, Hydrogen and Nitrogen)
Ferroxyl Test as per ASTM A-300
Fe Concentration
Ash %
Density for sintered metals & other metals
Volatile Matter
Mass of Coating
pH tests