Paints and Painted Products

AASS: Acetic Acid Salt Spray.
AASS: Acetic Acid Salt Spray Water Resistance.
Adhesion Test (Tape Test).
Scratch Hardness Test.
Water Resistance Adhesion Test (Tape Test) Scratch Hardness test.
Pencil Hardness.
Dry heat test Cold test.
Pull of Adhesion (Dolly Test).
Xenon Arc Weathering Test.
Uniformity of Zinc Coating.
Thickness of Tin Coating.
Bend Test
File Test.
Chisel Knife Test.
Grind Saw Test.
Peel Test.
Restriction of Hazardous Materials (RoHS).
Coating thickness by microscopic method .
Conical Mandrel Bend Test.
Gloss Test at 20° Gloss Test at 60°.
NSS: Neutral Salt Spray.
Corrosion test.
Test Ka: Salt Mist test Test Kb: Salt mist test.
UV Weathering Test Mass of Zinc Coating.
Mass of Tin coating.
Damp heat (Steady state) test.
Damp heat (Cyclic) test.
Hammer Test
Burnishing Test.
Heat-Quench Test.
Impact Test.
Impact Resistance (including falling weight test).
CASS: Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray.
Scribe Grid TestResistance to Household Chemicals, Alkali Resistance.
Composite Temperature/Humidity cyclic test FTIR Test (identification of coating types and drying mechanisms).