Mechanical Testing

Our Mechanical Testing Transforms Raw Strength into Precision Performance, Crafting the Backbone of Innovation.

ELCA provides the complete range of mechanical tests like Tensile, Bend, Impact, all scales of Hardness, etc as per various National & International Standards.

We employ sophisticated equipment like our Automated computer-controlled Universal Testing Machines with Automatic Extensometer and hot tensile facilities. ELCA can provide actual stress strain curves, even at high temperatures, so that the customer does not have to depend upon the curve based on cross head movement.

Compression Tests On springs, plates
Tensile Tests on Torr steel
Yield, UTS and Elongation
Peel Test on Brazed Samples
Hardness test by Portable tester at site
Tensile Tests at Room Temperature with extensometer
Tensile Tests at Elevated Temperature with extensometer (Hot Tensile from Ambient to 900 Deg C)
Rockwell Hardness A, B, C including Superficial Scales N, T
Vickers Hardness Load 30kg, 10kg, 5 kg, 1kg
Microhardness 10 gms to 1kg including Case Depth by Micro hardness
Flattening, Flaring, Drift Expansion Tests on Pipes and Tube
Tests on Mockups - Pull out and Push out tests
Surface Finish Test by Mitutoyo Surface Testing Machine
Compression test on Concreate Cubes
Jominy Hardenability Tests
Proof Stress from 0.01% to 1%
TErichsen Cupping Tests
Fracture Tests
Tensile test with Youngs Modulus (Modulus of Elasticity)
Load Test - Proof Load on nuts, Breaking Load, Wedge Load Test on Bolts, Load vs Displacement
Brinell Hardness (BHN) Loads 187.5/2.5, 5/750, 10/3000, 10/500, 62.5/2.5
Stress Strain Graphs with all relevant data
Impact Tests as per ISO and IS Standards Charpy and Izod
Bend and Rebend Test On plates, pipes and Torrsteel
Tests on cladded plates as per A263/A264/A265 including Shear Tests
Impact at Room Temperatures to -196 deg C Impact Tests as per ASTM Standards - Charpy and Izod Impact from Room Temperatures to -196 Dec C