ELCA was born with a vision. It manifested from a dream to fulfill a latent need for a world-class testing lab that offered specialized solutions in testing.

At the helm was Mr. N.Kalyan (a Post Graduate in Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry) the Chief Promoter and four other technocrats. In due course of time, Mr. Kalyan single handedly, brick by brick, built upon ELCA’s strengths making it one of the foremost testing laboratories’ in India, today.

In the teeming milieu, ELCA has carved a distinguished niche for itself in the industry as someone who offers quality, reliability, prompt service and quick turnaround time.

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ELCA is committed to deliver accurate and prompt testing of materials with speedy delivery of unambiguous testing reports at an affordable cost and ensure customer satisfaction. This goal is accomplished by the implementation of Quality Management Systems at all levels as per ISO / IEC 17025 - 2005 requirements. Our effort is to continuously adopt and upgrade technology with regular training to employees and updating equipment and information so as to achieve continuous improvement of quality.

The management and employees of ELCA are committed to ensure that the quality management system instituted is adhered to by their team work & participation. For this purpose the management has provided adequate resources and authority to the Quality Manager to implement and maintain the Quality Management System.

We are giving lab services providing since 1980

N. Kalyan

Managing Director

Harnessing the best technology for precise analytical solutions

Integrity, accuracy and reliability: our commitment to your data


Our customers have their goals. We help them meet their goals. Be it metallic raw-materials or finished products, we offer a wide repertoire of testing services and solutions.

Great care is taken to ensure the high levels of standards, promptness and accuracy at every stage of testing. Another characteristic we are known for is affordability. By implementing Quality Management Systems at all levels as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017 requirements, we bring in a 360 degree holistic approach to testing.

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