XRF Analysis

complete elemental analysis from ppb to 100% using sophisticated instruments giving high precision and accuracy.

Test Name : X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

About the test :

Application of XRF:

  • Absolutely non-destructive
  • No wastage
  • No erosion
  • Highly accurate with no /less elaborate standard sample requirement.


  • Sodium to Uranium - PPM to 100 %.
  • Virgin Metals and non Metals.
  • Ores and Minerals, Glass, Ceramics, Cement, Scaling et.
  • Welding electrodes, fluxes, Brazing Alloys.
  • Ferro Alloys, Powder or sintered Metal.
  • All types of steels, oils, rubber, plastics, food and processed food articles.
  • High alloys, copper alloys, nickel and other special alloys.
  • Pure Metals, Alloys and composites.
  • Gold, silver, platinum etc.
  • Purity of coating.
  • Wires, rods, powder and liquids – any shape, any matter.
  • Soft solders etc.


  • Rigaku NEX DE, ED-XRF Analyzer
  • EDX 720 from Shimadzu Corporation, Japan