Paints and Surface Coating Tests

Comprehensive tests on surface coatings like plating, galvanizing, paints and painted panels as per IS, ASTM and ISO Standards.

ELCA offers an array of testing on surface coatings like Painting, Plating, Galvanizing, Nano Coating, Synthetic Polymer Coating etc.
Tests as per IS/ISO and ASTM standards are carried out.

  • Salt Spray Test
  • Gloss Tests
  • Cyclic Corrosion Test
  • Dry Film Thickness (DFT)
    • By Dualscope
    • By Microscopic Method
  • Impact Strength
    • Direct
    • Indirect
  • Pencil Hardness
  • Adhesion (Cross hatch) Tape Test
  • Humidity Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance / Fluid Resistance
    (eg. Disel, Petrol, Acids, Alkalies etc)
  • Gasoline Resistance
  • Hot Oil Immersion
  • Water Soak/ Absorption
  • Colour
  • Coating Thickness
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Bend Test
  • Cupping Test
  • Resistance to Filiform Corrosion
  • Pull Off Test for Adhesion