Positive Material Identification

complete elemental analysis from ppb to 100% using sophisticated instruments giving high precision and accuracy.

Test Name : Positive Material Identification

About the test :

ELCA Laboratories provides Positive Material Identification (PMI) services for site testing for various applications like:

  • Non- Destructive Metal Analysis and Verification for all kinds of ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals.
  • Quality Control Activities.
  • Segregation of metal mix-up at site.
  • RoHS Screening of various electrical, electronic, composite, coated and many other metallic and non-metallic components.
  • Scrap Sorting
  • Measurement of heavy metals in soils, liquids, minerals, etc.

Armed with state of the art Portable Spectrometers, ELCA's highly skilled and qualified personnel are capable of carrying out flexible, reliable and precise analysis of all kinds of materials.
By Non-Destructive means, we can analyze large or small samples, chips or turnings, pipes, welds, pressure equipment, finished products, metal powders, wires (even less than 1 mm in diameter), large machinery, etc irrespective of shape and size.
This is a very versatile kind of test wherein no sample needs to be cut for testing.

ELCA has two types of testing equipment for PMI:

  • X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectrometer and
  • Spark Emission Portable Spectrometer

X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectrometer :

This is used for material identification and segregation at site. All ferrous and non-ferrous material can be identified by using this equipment.
This instrument is factory calibrated and therefore no calibration but only standardization at site is required.



  • XRF X-MET 7000
  • XRF X-MET 3000 TX
  • XRF X-MET 5000


  • Portable XRF, Innov X Alpha series

Niton XL2 100 G Portable Spectrometer

Spark Emission Portable Spectrometer: :

This instrument works on the principle of Optical Emission Spectrometry. This again can be used for ferrous as well as non-ferrous materials and alloys. It can detect whole range of elements (with Carbon). Therefore it can be used for segregation and identification of grade material also, namely, 304 as well as 304L materials. This instrument is also factory calibrated and only setting up at site is required.


  • Portable OES Spectrometer Arcmet 8000
  • PMI Master Smart Portable Spectrometer

ELCA has completed PMI projects all over India and has an esteemed list of clients.

Cost of Testing :

ELCA provides highly competitive rates depending on Time (half day or full day at site) or on Material as per request. For more detail contact us.