On Site Testing

Positive Material Identification (PMI) using XRF as well as Spark Emission Portable Spectrometers.

ELCA can provide various site testing facilities such as thickness measurements, coating thickness, ferrite contents in duplex and other stainless steels and weldments, Ferroxyl tests for iron contamination, Portable hardness test, Surface Roughness, Surface contamination, Insitu Metallography and NDT apart from PMI (Identification and Sorting).

Positive Material Identification (PMI) Test

  • PMI Using ED-XRF Portable Spectrometer (Analysis without Carbon)
  • PMI Using Spark Emission Portable Spectrometer (Analysis with Carbon)

Hardness Testing by Portable Digital Hardness Tester (per hour )
Surface Finish Test by Mitutoyo Surface Testing Machine
Ferroxyl Test as per ASTM A-380
Insitu Metallography
Dimensional Inspection of Raw Material Identification and Stamping