Miscellaneous Test

Complete range of mechanical tests, with state of the art mechanical testing facilities accredited as per ISO 17025

With the use of our variety of test equipment and expertise, we can carry out many other mechanical tests such as the following:

  • Nick Break Test
  • Flattening / Flaring / Flanging Test on Pipes
  • Compression Test on Concrete Cubes
  • Compression Test on Spring
  • Proof load test on nuts
  • Weldability Test
  • Wedge Load test on Bolts
  • Reverse Bend Test
  • Load Testing on Hooks
  • Load Testing on Assemblies / Breaking Load Test
  • Fracture Test on Fillet Weld
  • Minimum Leak Path
  • Shear Test on Cladded Plates
  • Pull out Test on Mock-up per Tube
  • Erichsen Cupping Test
  • Flexural Test
  • Cone Stripping Test